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Know-how transfer, market overview, networking

Like no other event in Europe, the CMCX represents the growth and extraordinary importance of content marketing in communication. The biggest event of its kind outside the USA is therefore constantly expanding, with new formats, themes and side events. The goal is to provide you with the ultimate platform for better communication: you meet the masterminds, network with the major market participants and experience two days of pure content marketing.

In the following section we will give you an overview of the CMCX components and what you definitely should not miss if you want to enhance your content marketing.
But first a look at the most important facts:

10 & 11 March 2020

Trade Fair Munich

7,000+ attendees

100+ exhibitors & sponsors

100+ speakers in 60 slots



It all started in 2011 – and the conference is still the heart of the CMCX. For two days the best content marketing professionals present their cases and the avant-garde of the scene gives exclusive insights. The two stages are where the direction of content marketing in Europe for the next 12 months is defined.

Who should visit the conference?
Anyone who does content marketing should make a pilgrimage to the CMCX stages and listen to the top speakers at least once in their life.

Which ticket do I need for the conference?
“VIP All Access”, “Main Conference” (both days), “Day 1 – Main Conference” or “Day 2 – Main Conference”


More information about the conference


Content marketing is booming; the market is burgeoning and is thus also becoming somewhat non-transparent. The CMCX exhibitor area provides the overview and insight you need. The most important tool and service providers present themselves at the only content marketing fair in Europe. For you, the CMCX is the only relevant information and business platform for content marketing.

Who should visit the trade fair?
Anyone who is looking for successful partnerships and wants to make their content marketing more efficient.

Which ticket do I need for the trade fair?
All tickets allow access (of course also the free “Exposition” ticket), exception: “CMCX NIGHT” and “CMCX on Rails”


More information about the exposition


Since there are more and more marketers who deal with content marketing on a daily basis and who are looking for practical tips, we offer you workshops to delve even deeper into important everyday topics. For newcomers and professionals there is a two-day intensive content marketing lab.

Who should visit the workshops?
Anyone who is involved in content marketing and has specific questions and challenges and would like to discuss them with the experts.

Which ticket do I need for the workshops?
“VIP All Access” or “Workshop Pass”


More information about the workshops


Never again will you network with the industry in such a relaxed atmosphere: speakers, exhibitors and visitors party together on the first evening in a trendy Munich club. That’s why many visitors consider the CMCX NIGHT to be the true highlight of the two days.

Who should visit the CMCX NIGHT?
Actually, there’s no need for this question, but again, for the record: anyone who doesn’t want to be annoyed with themselves the next day and until the next CMCX for missing the content marketing party of the year.

Which ticket do I need for the CMCX NIGHT?
“VIP All Access” or “CMCX NIGHT”

Networking: Content Marketing Lounge & SpeedNETworking

In addition to know-how transfer, offering the content marketing industry a professional platform for networking has been on our agenda from the very beginning. That’s why there are a variety of “contact points” in the trade fair hall: hundreds of potential new contacts await you in the large Content Marketing Lounge (the central meeting point at the trade fair) and at SpeedNETworking.

Who should visit the Lounge & SpeedNETworking?
Anyone who wants to actively grow their network in the content marketing industry – let us say it one more time: you won’t have another networking opportunity like this for a year!

Which ticket do I need for the Lounge & SpeedNETworking?
All tickets allow access to the networking areas (of course also the free “Exposition” ticket), exception: “CMCX NIGHT” and “CMCX on Rails”

Solution Area

Practice-focused, concise lectures will show you the latest innovations to make your content marketing more efficient and successful – and these are in the free trade fair area! These give you a quick overview of the market players and insightful glimpses “under the hood” of the various platforms and tools.

Who should visit the Solution Area?
Anyone who is looking for specific technological solutions in content marketing and would like to save themselves the trouble of time-consuming provider research.
Which ticket do I need for the Solution Area?
All tickets allow access (of course also the free “Exposition” ticket), exception: “CMCX NIGHT” and “CMCX on Rails”

More information about the Solution Area


More specials & side events

In addition to the areas listed above, the CMCX has many other specials, side events and surprises to offer: guided tours, industry meet-ups, a VIP pre-event and much more. Browse our website and prepare to be surprised.


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