The Native Advertising Conference at the CMCX


Unique know-how transfer from the best speakers in the native advertising industry

13 March 2019, Messe München

On the second day of the CMCX, one of the two big stages will be dedicated to native advertising: if you want to know how to best distribute your content, come to the Native Advertising Special at Europe’s largest content marketing event.

We bring the relevant players together and let advertisers, publishers and marketers discuss the central trends and technologies in native advertising. The absolute experts of the content and advertising industry offer you an unrivalled know-how transfer in lectures and panels. Use this knowledge to improve your communication and to effectively complement your content marketing!


This is what awaits you in the Native Advertising Special

  • Best cases & strategies
  • Technologies & platforms
  • Analyses & KPIs
  • Native content formats
  • Future trends

On one day you will receive intensive input on all areas of native advertising with many practical tips & tricks and exclusive insights into the successful cases!


Who should visit the Native Advertising Conference?

Native advertising concerns everyone – whether the marketing decision-maker of an international corporation or a publisher thinking about his future business model. That’s why everyone is coming to Munich on the 13th of March to discuss the status quo and the most important innovations.

The following questions, among others, will be answered:

  • What makes a good native ad?
  • What technologies and tools are there?
  • Which publishers are relevant for me?
  • How do I measure the success of native advertising?


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The following speakers were already on the CMCX stage with the topic Native Advertising

Thorsten Eder <br /><img src="" style="max-width:140px;width:100%;height:auto;margin-top:12px;">

Thorsten Eder

Leiter Marketing, Saturn Deutschland
Chad Pollitt

Chad Pollitt

Vice President & Partner, Native Advertising Institute
Jessica Becker<br /><img src="" style="max-width:140px;width:100%;height:auto;margin-top:12px;">

Jessica Becker

Head of Client Marketing, Commerzbank AG
Yvonne Beister<br /><img src="" style="max-width:140px;width:100%;height:auto;margin-top:12px;">

Yvonne Beister

Head of BILD Brand Studio Editorial, BILD
Norman Nielsen<br /><img src="" style="max-width:140px;width:100%;height:auto;margin-top:12px;">

Norman Nielsen

Head of Content-Marketing and ASO, Zalando

Liesbeth Mack-de Boer<br /><img src="" style="max-width:140px;width:100%;height:auto;margin-top:12px;">

Liesbeth Mack-de Boer

Geschäftsführung, Ligatus DACH
Sirick Wohlers<br /><img src="" style="max-width:140px;width:100%;height:auto;margin-top:12px;">

Sirick Wohlers

Head of Marketing Europe, audibene GmbH
Johannes Ceh

Johannes Ceh

Independent Publisher und Chief Customer Officer, StrengthAndBalance.on
Christian Kraus<br /><img src="" style="max-width:140px;width:100%;height:auto;margin-top:12px;">

Christian Kraus

Leiter Kommunikation und Marke, Interhyp

Native advertising? But I do content marketing!

Content marketers especially know how important content distribution and content promotion are. No matter how meticulously the content strategy has been developed, no matter how much blood, sweat and tears have flowed into the content production – if the content does not reach anyone, the communication targets will ultimately be missed.

In recent years, native advertising has established itself as a very effective instrument in the dissemination of content.

In the Native Advertising Special at the CMCX you learn how to reach your target group beyond your own media and thus how to build up a significantly higher reach. You will also find many native advertising service providers in the exposition area who will present their skills and tools to you in person.


We are, of course, always on the lookout for native advertising providers. If you are interested in using the CMCX as a platform for your business, please please contact us. We will gladly send you the exhibitor and sponsoring information.


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