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Like no other event in Europe, the CMCX represents the growth and extraordinary importance of content marketing and its sub-disciplines across all industries.

It has been shaping the industry since 2011 and year after year is creating a status quo that many are guided by. Two days on which know-how is transferred, networking takes place and an otherwise non-transparent provider landscape becomes open for marketers – at the CMCX you will meet all relevant brands, agencies and publishers: this is where you do business!

Do you already have the general sponsoring information and are considering using the CMCX platform for your business? We introduce you to our premium products, so that you appear on your (potential) customers’ notepads:


CMCX conference - your exclusive case on Europe’s biggest content stage

The conference is the heart of the CMCX and a guarantee for top-class speakers and the best cases. Year after year we receive more than 250 speaker requests: So it is a real honour for those up there on stage (see “CMCX Hall of Fame”).

Topics: Best cases, inspirations, future trends
Audience: 350-600 people

Duration: 30 minutes (including moderated Q&A session)
Unique feature: Limited allocation for agencies and service providers

As a partner you present yourself together with a customer on one of our two conference stages and thus become an official part of the CMCX agenda. You stand shoulder to shoulder with all innovators, pioneers and ground-breaking corporates and are thus perceived as a qualified specialist in the pace-setting content community.
To guarantee the quality of the lectures, the selection of topics is carried out in close cooperation with the CMCX team; there are only neutral content and no product shows here.

Bookable in Head and Platinum Package



Deep dives for experts: the CMCX workshops

Many experienced content marketers want practical tips from knowledgeable experts with which they can learn to communicate more successfully. In around 25 CMCX workshops you have the opportunity to share your expert knowledge intensively with new and/or existing contacts (via an invitation allocation) in a classroom setting.

Topics: Deep dives, stimuli,, how-2-work with
Audience: 40-80 attendees
Duration: 60-90 minutes

You can push important topics or alternatively offer a product workshop. We would identify the latter accordingly.

Bookable in the Workshop Partner Package



5-minute POWER Pitch in the official conference part

You want to be on the big stage, but you’re in a hurry? You like to get to the point quickly? Then present yourself and your case in a 5-minute POWER Pitch on one of the two big stages. You will also be part of the official CMCX conference programme and benefit from extensive event services.

Short and concise, succinct and precise, informative and creative. These word pairs should best describe your performance.

Audience: 300-600 attendees
Duration: 5 minutes

Present your product or a reference customer who has become successful thanks to your service.


Bookable in the Gold Package


Solution Area: Perfect synthesis of stand and tool tips

One of the most important topics for CMCX visitors is the search for suitable service providers. The Solution Area is the perfect stage for our exhibitors to effectively draw attention to themselves and their unique services.

Topics: How-2-work with, customer cases
Audience: 30-100 attendees
Duration: 20 minutes

Present your product or a reference customer, captivate visitors with an informative lecture and invite them to in-depth discussions at your stand.


Bookable in the Solution Area Slot Partner Package



Branding and lead generation: CMCX specials

Content-Marketing Lounge powered by YOU

The Content Marketing Lounge. Our absolute pièce de résistance in the trade fair area – where else can you find a LEAD GUARANTEE today? Precisely. Here. With us.

The Lounge is the most frequented space in the CMCX area and an absolute crowd-puller. Over an area of more than 300m² it is a central “marketplace”, networking hotspot, business trading centre, contact point for catering and information, and rest zone in one. At the CMCX, the Content Marketing Lounge is not to be missed

There are no limits to your appearance here: let your creativity run free. Install a coffee bar with a sales desk, build a counter with a smoothie bar, set up a crêpe boutique …

We would be glad to advise you individually and help you with tips and advice to coordinate your concept perfectly. Get in touch!


CMCX-NIGHT powered by YOU

No communication event would be complete without an extensive evening programme. Every year the CMCX NIGHT attracts up to 400 content experts to one of Munich’s hottest venues to bring the first day of the event to a close in style – including of course many speakers and exhibitors.

arrange in advance to meet other attendees, exhibitors and speakers at the CMCX NIGHT powered by YOU – you are unlikely to get a second chance to meet such a high-calibre group of professionals in such a relaxed atmosphere.

Unique feature: CMCX NIGHT attendees receive the wristbands for the evening at their stand – which promises to be a traffic boost par excellence. CMCX NIGHT attendees: approx. 400

Bookable in the CMCX NIGHT Presenter Package


Industry meet-ups - Corporates only

The many CMCX visitors come from countless industries and disciplines. The CMCX meet-ups give you the chance to exchange ideas within a defined cosmos. Meet-ups are currently planned for “B2B Content Marketing”, “Native Advertising”, “Health Content Marketing” and “Agency”. Further focal points are possible in coordination with you.

Duration: approx. 45-60 minutes
Attendees: approx. 15-40 networkers depending on topic
Meeting point: Your stand

Host a meet-up and connect the industry with a CMCX meet-up at your stand. You will receive the guest list in advance and present yourself to your target group as a friendly host.

Bookable as Industry Meet-Up Presenter


SpeedNETworking powered by YOU

SpeedNETworking is one of the most popular communication modules at the CMCX and is always full down to the last space year after year. There’s no time for small talk here; instead, potential cooperation approaches are discussed in a very short space of time. If there is a match, the conversations are continued in the Content Marketing Lounge over coffee.

Attendees: 16-20 per SpeedNETworking
Rounds: 3 per day (approx. 80 leads)

take part in every round and can mingle with the communicativeAs a SpeedNETworking partner you are not only the branded host, but CMCX crowd.

Bookable in the SpeedNETworking Presenter Package


Further opportunities for awareness and love

Of course, you can also take advantage of other marketing or sales-boosting measures at the CMCX in March or, due to the high reach in the target group of content marketing decision-makers, various media services.

More, exemplary event services
– Posters and banners at the event
– CMO 1:1 meetings
– Give-away branding
– Lanyard sponsoring
– Power bar sponsoring
More, exemplary media services
– Advertorials and webinars (e.g. at Content-Marketing.Com)
– Sponsored social posts
– Newsletter slots
– Content hubs on your media
– And much more


🎟️Ticket allocations: Invite customers and partners🎟️

From 5 tickets you get a discount of 30 percent as an exhibitor or sponsor:
CMCX-VIP-Tickets: 1.490 € ➡️ 1.043 €
CMCX conference tickets: 990 € ➡️ 693 €
The CMCX workshop tickets: 690 € ➡️ 483 €

Discounts do not apply to early bird promotions (more information on ticket categories)


After you have reviewed this broad overview and the available documents, I look forward to hearing from you. Bombard me with questions, enquire about the availability of the integrations and book your place in the content marketing sun as soon as possible.


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